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NSTI, Vadodara was established in 1993. The new building comprising of Administrative, Workshop, Hostel building and Staff Quarters. The Institute Conducts CTS,CITS and Short Term Courses. The Successful Trainees are Awarded Certificate Recognized by the National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) which is recognized By Govt. of India for Employment for all over the Country , in Central /State Govt./ Public and Private Sector Organizations.


Solar Technician (IoT)

Trade: Engineer trade

Total Semesters: 2

Per Semesters times: 6 months

Course Detail:

Wiring System, Electrical energy,

Disposal of Solar, Solar Panel, Charge controller,

Battery Bank, Inverter,

Solar PV Plant & Hybrid Plant, Solar Products

Smart City (IoT)

Trade: Engineer trade

Total Semesters: 2 Per Semesters

Times: 6 months

Course Detail:

Digital circuits,

IoT applications, IoT system,

IoT architecture, IoT devices Microcontroller,

Types of Sensors, Wired & Wireless Communication,

Smart Lighting system, Smart Parking, Smart Traffic

Computer Software Application (CSA)

=>   Network Architecture & Security

=>   Database Concepts

=>   MySQL

=>  Java Script

=>  Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)

=>  VBA

=>  JAVA Language

=> Tally

=>  Vocational Calculation, Vocational Science

=>  Training Methodology


Fashion Design Technology(CITS)

# 2 Semester 01 year course the main contents of this course are:


#Fabric Embellishment Techniques

#Advance sketching Technique

# Fashion illustration


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